When birds


Across the sky –

I see blisses;


My mortal wounds,

Ever so light

With the drift

And cross

Do I bear

More wisdom

To art more of my soul

To a freedom so dear;

When birds

Do know


And how

To fly.

2015 ©


The Candy Wrapper’s Oath (II)

The candy wrapper

Stood against

The nicks of time,

As I breathed

Sour ellipses

To the components

Of today’s time.


I broke




And ice candy

To a craze

So perfect –

To the roots

Of subliminal virtue.


I broke




And game –

To the candy;


2014 ©

Resonance and Faith in the Jukebox’s Gracious Times

Resonance and faith

Do get along,

Yet the resonance of life

Lies in the truth of all tears –

To where the jukebox imparts

On memories to fill…


Or music that dances in with

The times sent astray –

To worlds today

In a great nick of time.


Hold the jukebox’s faith,

Hold it well,

And utter the words

To life’s saving grace;

Fallen from the top

Of the oaths in glory –

Nicks of time

Thus felt

Like velvet

In felted lines –

Where jukeboxes and all these times

Crushed the sweetness to life’s


At all costs

Draped to one end –

To the other one sent

On sparks to a truth

In purest light –

Save the jukebox’s plight

To another day

In the norm.

2014 ©

Walking Alone

Walking alone
Has draped my life
To a sudden moment –
Of reflection in its purest light,
Turned still –
Then hazy I go,
Towards the light,
Beneath the darkness,
Where my natural lines –
Into a softer hue.

To the Bonsai tree I go,
Wrapping life and love;
To the end-times draped
In the finest of all composures –
To the things
Felt free.
I walked on
Without a shame on my face –
By the light,
Loved too –
By the dark,
A child in my darkest hour,
Heading forth to the place
I kept neat and solemn,
As I brought more faith
To the cold, cruel world.

walking alone in rain

I walked alone…
Kept walking,
Loved by
Light and dark,
As more feelings
Draped smoothness
To the finesse
Of a thing so torn apart.

2014 ©

Won’t Wear Me Down!

Souvenirs up the scratch
Won’t wear me down to that,
My Paddington bear tries to bend it right:

Paddington Bear: The Movie on its way
Souvenirs up the brown bag,
Souvenirs up the scratch,
Won’t wear my life to that:
No it shan’t be that when the time whispers:
All to settle truth to light and love.

Souvenirs up the scratch
Won’t wear my life to the downers –
Where the times may fade the downers may…
As well…
Be up on the brinks of love rising forth
To light up the flames,
And there I go up the greatest delights;
To shine my life to all of the greatest times.

Souvenirs up the scratch;
Like the looks of little Paddington,
Won’t wear me down to that.

I light up my days
To a time felt glorious –
In the nicks of a thing
So right…

So the whole world there…
Won’t wear me down to that.

2014 ©

Bubbles (III)

The world was always in
Perfect bliss –
Simple as the winds knew
Where to blow in
To breathe life to
A sudden state of euphoric love
As soon as we walked out
To blow bubbles.

We felt –
The situation be at its
Happiest state
When bubbles knew
Where to put our love
To the planes of life and death –
To the happiness of all that
Burst as soon as everything
Failed to last –
So I condensed a lifetime of happiness
To the bubbles I blew
To reap forth
The ultimatum of a true spectacle
Of truth
In wrapped colours
Of the rainbow’s

2014 ©

Coin Box

A little piece of a token:

Heads (a brief history of the tuppence) (Deltaflux) Tags: 1971 coin tuppence newpence

Could be sent in

To churn out a rhyme

Or a pleasant melody

To humanity made manufactured

To some form of a crude art –

Woes impart

To make the amazing quality

Of the jukebox in motion

Sink in –

Cut forth to the swings

Of life in its

Very art –

As the coin box

Takes in

One of the little tokens

To the greatest fragment

Of a dream

One could ever spend their life

Wishing on.

Millie's Jukebox

This piece of

Gold tuppence

Could wring my life around

The very end

To have days spent

In greater tunes,

Where the coin box

Takes in

Another thrill of a time

To where life holds subliminal truth,

Brought to

The afterlife

Of my days.

See my life



To the brushing winds

Of moments spurred

In truthful measures

To light up the days,

For another chipped piece

In the coin box

Would mean

A reality dazed

Or drenched

In a repetition of days spent

To sort out the pleasant mistakes

That go at a time.

2014 ©

Past the Pill of Love Explosives

Places felt empty,

As my minds knew nothing but the sweet pill

I popped in to make sure the exuberance

Got wrapped to the finishing touches

Of my delight,

Despite the profanity…


Or despite the sounds that jerked up the super spectacular

Word of sound,

Yet I popped in another sweet –

A menthol relaxation to tantalize the buds

To a mellow resilience

Placed forth to the breaks of my dreams.


There I then popped in another one –

As the sweet that I put in there

Knew the places where we could

Get tongue-tied,

Yet to be tied to the taste of it all

Is a crazy addiction set forth in

The beautiful rail of light,

Where the gates of prison should lock my thoughts

In so sweetly,

But soon I shall break free to be

Where you and I will get to be where

The twist shall end

Dear and smooth,

Lovingly, joltingly up high,

And greatly basking in the wisdom of all that the excitement

Could have ever known.




To pop in another one

Is just another

Way of saying how much

Our souls have been tied


Since then.

2014 ©



Superficiality Stated

I bore it out to how my mind got stained

To the superficiality which got stated

To where my complexes on superiority statements

Writhed down to where

Your gun shot me right beneath it.


The superficiality to which I bore it

At all costs,

Got my thoughts wringing to where

My love for the visions shot the life

Out of me,

To where the love that I used to bear this with

Shot more at the complexes on with what

The confidence ran in on the slippery slope

Had to define.



They bashed me down,

As I soared through the superiority statements

And perused this to see that all their charms

Could have had my life spilled to where

The realness of all these things

Drenched it out to the pisses,

Then to the pain snapped orange

Like a shot of a whizz

Where I broke truth to where reason

Gunned it all in

To their glorified resonances

Which had me sprawled up to the senses

Quivering in on the right definitions.


Bold to truth,

I waved it out to

Where the reality

Could fall into a rock of artistry

As the finesse of it saved my mind

To the spicks of

A zapped up place,

Where my embarrassments

Knew but a morsel

Of the dazed candy-bar

Wrapped in with the finest

Of the glazes up to the word spill.

I kicked it back out,

Had a delicious munch

With all things fruited to perfection,

When rhyme knew the word

Of what leapt out

On the whizz of things

Turned brown to the pleasure of my tongue,

Where the skies

Blazing with the fire

Knew the other ways

To kick these back in

So true.


Remnants of the gun broke into jitters

To all that my life got –

Glazed out to the resolves,

Snapped in and TAINTED –

To a soft and smooth pleasure

Coated to the strength of

The mind,

Where I reeled in all its sake to

The rushes of sugar and cone

Sprawled out to a cynicism,

So delicate and real,

Turned into the

Delights of my fancy,

As the smooth taste of it all

Sent the superficiality statements

Flying back to where my life

Did kick back in with the satisfaction

Emerging from a score.


2014 ©